Finally, the board of Content Central (Syndigate AB) are in place. From the right: Emanuel Dohi - digital entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Dohi Sweden AB, Camilla Björkman - chief editor of the magazine Driva Eget and former freelance journalist, Joachim Ljungquist - founder and CEO, Lena Fridlund Forsgren - Investment Manager at Almi Invest and Per Spångberg - Managing Director at Dohi Venture.

webbpic contentcentralDohi Venture and Almi Invest are funding the news agency Content Central. The award-winning company, which conveys editorial material, it provides opportunities to develop new services that will help to resolve the crisis to the media - even outside of Sweden.

The mission of ContentCentral is to help freelance journalists and media outlets to simplify the flow and management of editorial content for publication in digital and traditional channels. Easily described newsrooms buy and publish content - everything from articles and reports to reviews and recipes - from freelance journalists with a few simple keystrokes. The major benefit is that it reduces the work of the administration and manual intervention. Over 700 freelance journalists and writers are now connected to the service; they deliver and puts the price of the material they want to sell.
- We have been able to follow the company during the development and thinks that Content Central is a very interesting and scalable concept that may have great potential both nationally and internationally. Our main focus at Dohi Venture is on companies with a digital basis in its business and driven entrepreneurs, therefore suitable investment in well with our strategy, says Per Spångberg, CEO of Dohi Venture.

The media industry is in trouble and most editors are forced to cut back and reduce their personnel costs.

- Changes in the industry are now incredibly fast and it will happen a lot in the coming years. Exactly how the media landscape will look in the future does no one knows. Something that will always be - and probably increasing - is the demand of content: text, images, video, audio or other. I have worked for many years within the media industry and know how it can feel both as a freelancer and as an editor, says Joachim Ljungquist, CEO of Syndigate AB, which operates ContentCentral.

Content Central was appointed in June 2014 to one of Sweden's twenty hottest tech companies and ended up at Almi "Tech 20" list.

- From my perspective as an investor, I see that there is a clear scalability with the business model of Content Central. That means it can spread in the media, not only in Sweden but also internationally, says Lena Fridlund Forsgren, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.

In September, Content Central moved in with Dohi Venture above the Utopia Mall in central Umeå – a creative meeting with ambitions to become an international hub of the digital entertainment industry .
Syndigate, the company that develops Content Central, have barely been around for a year, but has five employees and is aiming at further expansion.
- Strong shareholder capital, network and strategic expertise will enable us to increase our sales and marketing activities, while continuing to build our platform as well as our brand. We are very pleased that Almi Invest and Dohi Venture has chosen to invest in us, showing great confidence in our company, says Joachim Ljungquist .

More information:
Joachim Ljungquist, CEO and founder of Syndigate AB/Content Central, tel: +46 (0)73-847 98 01 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Per Spångberg, CEO Dohi Venture, tel: +46 (0)70-792 81 50 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Emanuel Dohi, CEO Dohi Sweden, tel: +46 (0)70-980 95 31 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lena Forsberg Fridlund, Investment Manager Almi Invest, tel: +46 (0)70-299 15 50 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Content Central, run by Syndigate AB, is a B2B platform (Business to Business), compaprable with iTunes, AppStore and Google Play – but for editorial content. Articles at Content Central is ready to be directly imported and published through the media outlet's own editorial system, which is a big advantage when the operational and administrative workload can be reduced.

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