Content Central doubles employee numbers

Content Central doubles its team by going from four to eight employees. The online platform that links freelance journalists and editors will now be launched on a wider scale.

Since autumn 2014, Content Central has linked freelance journalists and editors for the sale and distribution of articles. Over 2800 freelance journalists, writers and photographers are connected to the service and have uploaded thousands of articles and pictures for sale.

"In a short period of time, the media world has changed – with over fifty percent of the world's journalists currently working on a freelance basis. Therefore, smart tools are needed to facilitate distribution, rights and payment of editorial materials", says Joachim Ljungquist, CEO and founder of Content Central.

New employees are Thomas Hedlund, Marie Johansson, Sara Solaiman and Karl Lindfors. They are based in Umeå, except for Thomas who will work in Stockholm.

"Stockholm is Sweden's media hub, where most editors and publishers, in addition to local newspapers, are based. My role as a customer service editor will be to work close to the market and help new media clients get started with the service", says Thomas Hedlund.

Thomas Hedlund has a long experience as a freelance journalist. He has also worked as a journalist and an editor for both Swedish and international media.

Marie Johansson has recently returned to Sweden from Britain, where she has lived for twelve years. She has a background at Sony Computer Entertainment, as a freelance translator and proofreader, as well as working with social media.

Sara Solaiman has lived in the United States for 16 years, where she achieved a bachelor degree in journalism. She worked as a television commercial producer in Indonesia, but came to Sweden two years ago, and worked with video production and social media at Humlab at Umeå University.

Both Marie and Sara are Content Managers. They will be responsible as editors, as well as working with marketing and social media.

Karl Lindfors has recently completed a C#/ASP.NET course and is now working as a developer in the IT team.

In addition to these four, the development team has also been strengthened with a trainee developer and a contractor.

"We have tested the market with a slim team and finally have the opportunity to scale up, focus and develop both our service and our business. Both the development team and sales team now get a much-needed boost with the international experience needed to take the company into new markets", says Joachim Ljungquist.