International success: Content Central reaches freelancers in 112 countries

Over 2,000 new users from 112 countries. Content Central's international launch of a web service for freelance journalists has become a huge success. And it's just the beginning.

At the start of autumn, Content Central soft launched its international platform for freelance journalists who want to sell their material to newspapers and the media. The focus is mainly on reaching freelance journalists and writers in Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia.

The result was well beyond expectations. At the time of writing, 2,000 journalists from 112 countries have joined the service.

"Users have signed up from countries we have barely even heard of. And we get up to 80 new users signing up every day", says Joachim Ljungqvist, founder and CEO of Content Central. "Right now I'm in London to meet publishers and freelancers to better understand what they need in their daily work", he continues.

According to Ljungqvist, there are nearly 600,000 journalists in the world. Half of them work on a freelance basis, a figure he believes will continue to increase. Content Central now wants to offer all freelance journalists a platform where they can sell their articles to the media in an efficient way.

The online platform in Swedish has had great success in Sweden, and investors have got their eye on Content Central. In August, the super-sized US venture capital company 500 Startups invested 1.7 MSEK in this Umeå company, and the goal is to bring in a total of 10 MSEK from investors.

"So far, it appears that we have received almost half of our goal, and we are currently working on getting the rest. The capital will be used to double the team, complete version two of our platform and give us an eighteen-month runway", explains Joachim Ljungqvist.

The next step is a full-scale international launch at the end of the year. By then, Content Central expects that there will be enough journalists and material on the site to be able to let in media houses and editors from the English-speaking world.