What kind of articles can I sell at Content Central?

Passive income as a freelance writer

The best way to earn more as a freelance journalist/writer is to sell your articles multiple times! At Content Central you can either sell previously sold articles, or sell articles that have not yet been published.
At the moment, relatively "timeless" feature articles (evergreen) are best to submit. We are focusing on articles that can attract as many potential publishers as possible – and we know that offering content with longer lifespan has proven to be successful. Magazines consist mainly of feature content and newspapers can consist of up to 30-40 % of feature content, so there is a big market out there.
We are now expanding the number of categories/topics where you can upload content.

Examples and possible topics:

•    Who was Ingmar Bergman?
•    Film Noir – Cynicism, Corruption and Murder
•    The Life at Work for a Stuntman / Makeup Artist / Costume Maker
•    Anime – Japanese Animated Film
•    Action! How it works behind the Cameras

•    Portraits of current bands / artists / composers / songwriters
•    When the Punk Music was Born
•    Odd Music Instrument
•    Dementia People Becomes Healthier by Listening to Music
•    How Much has Spotify Affected the Music Industry?
•    Music That has Really Changed the World

•    Portraits of authors
•    How to be a Better Writer?
•    Test: Which Literary Protagonist are You?
•    This is How Hemingway Would Write if he Lived in the 2000s
•    How to Become a Bestseller - Five Authors Reveals their Secrets
•    Computers, Tablets and Books – How do they Affect Children's Learning?
•    Five Audio Books to Download for Your Next Holiday
•    Amazon - the publishers enemy, but readers' friend?

•    Trends in the gaming industry
•    Board games that we remember
•    Pacman and other cult game
•    Computer games - do they affect us?
•    How will games be controlled in the near future?
•    The Swedish gaming wonders - meet Mojängs and Kings of Candy

Personal Finance
•    How to save money for your dream holiday
•    Find the best mortgage for you
•    Consumer rights- stronger than you think
•    Who is on the bill? About the "people" you have in your wallet
•    Ten tips to significantly improve your personal finances

Science & Research
•    Ten myths about sleep
•    Famous scientists and their discoveries
•    Potions that cures colds
•    Major advances in cancer research
•    How Emma survived a heart attack
•    Bill Gates and the challenge to eradicate polio

•    Super election year of 2016
•    Portraits of politicians
•    EU - how does it actually works?
•    Voting - a democratic duty?
•    Analysis of Europe's shift to the right
•    To live in a dictatorship
•    A year of Brexit and Triumph

Environment & Climate
•    Global warming - what is happening?
•    FEnergy sources of the future
•    Auroras, rainbows and cyclones
•    Our most common cloud types
•    How many wind turbines are needed to replace a nuclear power plant
•    Simple ways for your family to reduce your environmental impact
•    If all cars in the U.S. was clean cars ...
•    Coal, oil and alternatives
•    Be climate clever
•    How to proerly dispose your trash

Business & Work
•    Different and exciting professions
•    How to write a CV
•    Antibullying workplace
•    Why women are good board members
•    Do you dare to start your own business?
•    How to get more paid from your work
•    This is what successful companies have in common
•    Sure, you can combine your family life and career ambitions
•    Statistics from the Social Insurance during the World Cup and the Olympics the last 10 years
•    The most dangerous occupations

Food & drinks
•    How to become a grill master
•    Burger - from fast food restaurant to fine dining
•    Odd food from around the world
•    Organize a wine tasting


•    5 best apps for photography geeks
•    Test: Which camera phone is the best?
•    Succeed with your holiday photos
•    How to become better at filming
•    Photo Trends of tomorrow
•    The most famous photographers of the history
•    Hasselblad, space travels and beyond
IT, Computers & Gadgets
•    Are you safe while surfing the internet?
•    Best innovations of 2016
•    TOR - the truly free network
•    Top tips for your next computer purchase
•    Johanna lost her gambling addiction
•    All you need to know about Bitcoin
•    Privacy online vs. Facebook and social media
Motor & Cars
•    All about eco-driving
•    Extreme Motor Sports
•    Formula 1 – yesterday, today and tomorrow
•    The future of the electric car


•    Travel Reports
•    Tourism in your immediate environment
•    10 tips to make your trip easier
•    Adventure Holidays
•    How luxurious is actually a cruise?
•    Around the World in 8 months
•    Travel advice for introverted people
•    Environmentally conscious holiday: Eco-tourism

•    The hottest colors for this Autumn
•    Famous fashion designers
•    Classics in the fashion world
•    Retro Style - How to modernize your old garments
•    Second hand - It's here to stay
•    The bikini - the naked history
•    Super Models with hungry eyes
•    Fashion Trends - Who actually creates them?
•    From bloomers to thong

Children & youth
•    Children’s rights – Convention on the Rights of the Child
•    Bullying – how do you to prevent it?
•    Children’s life in other countries
•    Toys then vs now
•    How to get rid of acne
•    10 best books for teens
•    Should you give your child an allowance?
•    When your best friend leaves you
•    Outdoor games vs computer games
•    Improve your online security

Beauty and well being
•    The best party hairstyles
•    The best hair trends for spring
•    Beard trends
•    Mindfulness and stress management
•    Best Homemade face masks
•    5 different types of massage
•    Cosmetic surgery trends
•    How to quit smoking
•    Visit a spa – A nice break from reality
•    How to get nice nails
•    Can you treat hair loss?
•    Beauty ideals through the ages

Family, love & relationships
•    Why couples break up after vacation
•    Is wife swapping the new trend?
•    Improve your online dating skills
•    Why you should have a summer fling
•    Coping with a breakup or divorce
•    Voluntary and involuntary aspects of childlessness
•    How to help someone being bullied
•    How to cope when your loved one is ill
•    My best friends – 3 friends share stories about their friendship
•    Natural ways to boost your libido
•    How to create equality in your relationship


Do-it-yourself (DIY)
•    How to build a Gazebo
•    Easy ways to bring some order to your hallway
•    Last minute tips for making a messy house seem cleaner
•    Know your stuff, the best DIY tips
•    Complete guide to planning permission
•    How to build your own home
•    Preparing your cottage for winter
•    Insurance tips for homeowners
•    Should I hire a real estate agent to sell my home?
•    Before you hire a home repair handyman
•    How to prevent water damage

Interior design
•    How to paint your house's interior
•    Cool smart home innovations
•    Wallpaper winter trends
•    How to build a gallery wall
•    ABCs of beautiful light
•    Decoration ideas for a cool kids room
•    How to hack and repurpose thrift store finds

•    How to get and maintain a healthy lawn
•    English garden design ideas
•    Ho to grow your own produce
•    Effective tips for weed control
•    Caring for your outdoor furniture
•    All season flower gardens
•    Tips for a beautiful balcony garden
•    Top garden trends
•    Tips for preventing garden pests
•    How to prune your fruit trees


Workout & fitness
•    Why summer makes us lazy – get back into shape!
•    Six-pack abs in six weeks
•    10 ways to boost your endurance and stamina
•    Olympic medals per capita
•    Weird and unusual sports around the world
•    How to reduce muscle soreness
•    Yoga for the body and mind
•    Work out smarter

Hobby & leisure
•    Is stamp collecting dead?
•    How to crochet a christmas decoration
•    Do we have more or less free time than we had 20 years ago?
•    Bingo – not only for senior citizens

Animals & nature
•    Bees are disappearing at an alarming rate
•    Me and my pet
•    Exotic pets
•    The purpose of species
•    Heroic animals
•    How to maintain an aquarium

•    Religion
•    Dreams
•    Astrology
•    Famous crimes
•    Tattoos
•    The art of being right – rhetorics
•    Customs and traditions
•    Did you know
•    Future amendments
•    World records


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