A new Content Central – meet our new logo

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A lot is happening at Content Central in parallel to the daily delivery of quality editorial content . As the Content Central expanded and developed its services we change now to a new and improved logo.

- The business is more diverse now and we want that to be reflected in the symbol that represents us, says Joachim Ljungquist, CEO and founder of Content Central.

The new logo can be interpreted in many different ways and can be associated with everything from a newspaper or a laptop, networking or a palette of activity.

- The beauty of the new logo is precisely that it can account for as much as Content Central allows  a variety of content - and content diversity.

Content Central will soon launch several new features and services.

In addition to that the symbol in the middle is a "C", there are other interpretations. Some of the associations that came up at our branding workshops about the new logo:

  • Laptop - Content Central is available around the clock, every day of the year in your laptop or mobile - a platform you can reach whenever you need to.
  • Magazine / Book - Content Central conveys quality editorial content for print and the web. The pulped newspaper midfield gives a feeling that the content is read and is taken seriously.
  • Different fields - Content Central is available in several different areas, all of which form a whole. There are building blocks, that together form something complete.
  • Green - Content Central's new, fresh and natural way to work - a stable, friendly and successful partnership. The colors of fresh air and mint. The color scheme also goes towards health and wellness.
  • Different shades - Content Central is a palette of smart services that facilitate your everyday life, a variety of content and contributors with different expertise, knowledge and background.
  • Networking - These "mouths" speak to each other, shows the networking possibilities.